Drunk Couple’s Accident And Cops Reached Late

Motorcycle banged in a car near BT’s office in front of police line . Today at 3:30 pm a couple on bike coming from power house road crashed the motorcycle in a car coming from new Gajner road . According to sources the couple was drunk and when they met with the accident the girl on bike came near the car and slapped and abused the lady driving the car . This created chaos in the public and a huge public rush gathered on the spot .

The boy who was on bike left the place right after the mishap  . The boy and the girl who were on bike were drunk and were behaving rudely with the lady driving the car and a senior citizen sitting on co-driver seat –said sources .


 According to sources – The bike owner then came back after sometime and tried to solve the “not-so-wanted” issue . Public after seeing the boy bumped on the boy and made him leave the with the girl and tried to solve the issue .

Car owner with the damaged car also left the spot after the heated situation took break .

Cops reached the spot when the whole mess was cleaned up .


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    cops…olwayz late

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