39th National Junior Volleyball Competition in Sri Dungargarh

Volleyball FederationIn the joint venture of Indian Volleyball Federation and Rajasthan Volleyball Union the 39th National Junior Volleyball Competition was inaugurated today. 48 teams of boys and girls from different states are to participate in the competition. All the teams took out an inauguration parade which had been through the streets near Circle to Hanuman Club via the main market. Minister Vinod Kumar Choudhary was the Chief Guest of the inauguration ceremony. Bikaner’s Mayor Bhawani Shankar Sharma did the president ship of the inauguration. To welcome these teams MLA of Sri Dungargarh Mangla Ram Godara was present who hailed their spirits high.

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Everyday 24 matches would be conducted. Today on the first day of competition 20 matches are being conducted which would be in progress till 12 midnight. 3 courts have been constructed for this purpose and a gathering of 5000 can be accommodated. The first match was between Chandigarh vs Rajasthan in which Rajasthan defeated Chandigarh by 3 – 0. Rajasthan won the second match as well. The first match was of the boys and the latter was of the girls.

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